Teachers Day 2021: Every Human is a Teacher

Teachers Day 2021: Every Human is a Teacher

On this Teachers Day, I would like to pay a tribute not only to the community of teachers but also to every human being. We as humans are born teachers. Yes… we are!

As human beings, our experience gives us a wealth of knowledge that we can use to share and enhance another life. So we continue to explore, experience and learn.

When we are small we are taught how to crawl, speak, eat and many more things which are imperative to human existence. As a baby, we are also teaching our parents to be loving, caring, compassionate, and kind. So I say we are all born teachers. But in this article, I am going to touch on humans as teachers where we are constantly fulfilling the need to share our knowledge with others and teach.

While growing up, it is our class teachers who taught us. Our friends and classmates were also our teachers who helped us do our homework and learn. They also taught us techniques to learning which we used regularly.

We do this every day and in different ways. When we engaging in a phone call with family, relatives or friends, the conversation leads to you gaining information. This information does generate curiosity which then leads to us looking to gain knowledge about a specific topic.

In more recent years, we have started connecting with others through various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes. The questions that come to mind are:

  1. Who are we learning from?
  2. What are we learning?
  3. Why are we eager to learn?

The answer to the first question is covered above when we talk in terms of social media platforms.

Next, What are we learning?

So we are learning about their professional life, personal life and many intimate details during a conversation.

Why are we eager to learn?

In this case, it is love and genuine concern for our family and friends. We want to be sure about their well-being.

This develops another question; Where does this lead us?

The conversation or chat leads us either wanting to explore the experience that they had or learn something from what they have experienced. The social media profile you are following has suddenly become your teacher and you are the disciple. For example, many times we see pictures of our family and friends vacationing in different parts of the country or around the world. Viewing the pictures triggers us as humans to first view their entire album on the said social media platform that you have stumbled upon and get envious. So this teaches you that you should learn to control your emotions. Secondly, you become curious to explore more about the holiday destination. So you start finding out more about the place, tourist spots, things to do, culture, how to get there, and probably even start planning it as your next family destination. What I would like to refer to here is the knowledge that you gained… You explored a new destination and learnt about it.

As you explore, you start to learn and experience as you are in a state of being an inquirer. We now often look to the internet to gain information, knowledge and stay updated.

Internet is the new teacher. We are learning and teaching every day, throughout the day. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc are all here to stay and each one of us will use them to share our life stories, teach and engage with other human beings.

The most recent social media open learning platform is ClubHouse. There is tons of knowledge available to you based on your interest. Join one of the Clubrooms while in session and you will experience a panel of professionals speaking and sharing profound knowledge that will help you in your professional life.

So here we are back to the same point I made earlier, we are all teachers.

It is within us to teach others and ourselves. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge and information.

As a human-centric design specialist, I enjoy exploring the different facets of human behavior.

I remember an interesting thought that my mother once told me, ‘Everyone you come across in your life or meet will teach you something. You have to be receptive and open-minded to understand the lesson.’ And recalling this though I would like to wish each one of you Happy Teachers Day and a big thank you for being a part of my life.

I hope you continue on your quest to be a disciple and a wonderful teacher.

Namrata Naresh