From story reading to storytelling.

From story reading to storytelling.

Story [noun] 

a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale.

Growing up, we all heard a lot of stories. They were narrated to us by our parents, grandparents, aunty, uncle, elder brother/sister or caretakers. It has been intriguing to know how the writer came up with these, but the most exciting part of each story was that they could take you into a world of fantasy or creative imagination that would make you even believe a fairy tale.

The passion for stories continued from childhood as I enjoyed reading, and there were times when I sat down with my father reading. He engrossed in one and me in another.

With a hectic work schedule, my reading got restricted to 4-5 books a year.

Story Writing [noun]

the activity of telling or writing stories.

I did occasionally pen down what came to my mind in an attempt to start telling a story.

This habit got me into storytelling for the projects I worked on as a human-centric design consultant.

Then there were personal writing projects that I started working on to put a story together but got abandoned due to some personal reasons that took precedence over storytelling that would have been part of a book.

Somewhere this year, I came across some of these abandoned projects, and I gave myself another chance to take up writing a novel, only this time allowing myself to broaden my imagination.

For me, storytelling is a way to make sense of overwhelming feelings happening inside and the opportunity to express them using fictional characters.

The storytelling process also requires me to be deeply involved in telling the story for which I step outside my life and start constructing feelings and based on those feelings, build characters. 

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