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Hey, I’m Abhaya, a young working professional living in the city of Mumbai with my father and younger brother. I have done my Masters in Marketing and have landed myself a job at a solar energy company.

Atul and I are in love with each from the time we were studying for our Masters, but that’s not the highlight of my life.

My senior Chandrashekar has met with an accident and I have been sent to Dumarsan, Bihar even though I do not have any field experience.

The villagers are holding secrets from each other which is keeping the solar energy project on a stand still.

I am forced to unravel the secrets of the villagers… which has changed my life forever too.

Q & A

Abhaya is the story of a girl sent on official work to Dumarsan, a village in Bihar, where she realizes her true potential while unravelling the secrets kept by the villagers.

The idea behind the book is to showcase the inner strength or potential that one genuinely has in trying times. Of course, it is different in different situations, but if one is persistent and can be focused, it is not difficult to achieve what one desires. 

During the lockdown, I tried my hand at many new things, and I realized that these are little secrets of my own that I didn’t know I had to potential to do. It was like rediscovering myself and understanding my potential in a whole new different light. 

The book is more relatable to the reader. I have written it so that it is not hard to imagine or place oneself in that situation and visualize. The secrets that she unravels shows the struggles of the villagers in the current time; it also brings out the challenges that she faces. With each secret, it gets more challenging for her to accomplish her task. The climax has the right amount of tension for the reader. Doing all this was a lot of fun in Abhaya – The Story Of A Fearlessly Incandescent Girl

Rural India still exists. I am not an expert at it, nor do I claim to be one. I am not attempting to solve any problems that exist in villages. 

I feel that a lot of work is being done to uplift people’s lives; a lot more has to happen regarding education, busting myths and replacing old ideologies. 

The book is a perspective of the lives of the people that live in villages. It is set in a rural background that also intends to be a myth buster. It opens up the scenario where rural India is changing thanks to the efforts put in by various authorities. Hence, Abhaya is not a book on rural India, it is set in rural India, and the village forms an essential part of the story.   

Yes, it does have an interesting title! Two words from it I would like to highlight, one fearlessly and the second being incandescent. Both these words are used to define the emotion, strength and character that the female protagonist shows. For more, read the book Abhaya!